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Parents and Guardians of Elementary Students:Report Cards Located in My Documents

To download a copy of your child's elementary progress report, go to My Documents in the iParent folder. We have uploaded the current term progress report to that folder for grades K-5.

The storage size limit for documents is 10 MB - so after printing, please delete or archive the files so that you will have space for future documents.



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Note - The "Forget Password" works if an email address was submitted at the time of registration. If the email was left blank, or if you are using a different email address than what you used to register, there will be no retrieval of the password. Please contact

Any student in grade 9-12 who has forgotten his/her iStudent password, will need to speak with Mrs. Mahoney in the WA Guidance Office about resetting the password.

Online Course Recommendations were done through iStudent for students currently in grades 8-11. Report cards are now available online for grades K-12.

The IPARENT System is tightly integrated into the District's IPASS student information system including teacher rankbooks. IPARENT is specifically designed to provide an additional means of communication and sharing information between parents, teachers, students, and administrators


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